a dance 
part fascination with
part homage to the creative act itself;  

revealing and revelling in the poetic.

A journey to contact the layers below the surface
the thoughts beyond the obvious
and emotions which lay beneath our first nervous reactions.    

How It Is Made is a radically spacious piece.

It uses space in specific and refined ways.
it creates a theatre space with the precise use of objects, light and movement.
This is the architectural space of mass and placement.
But as well as this, the piece communicates through the 'in between' of the elements;
that which is in between the phrases spoken,
in between the phrases danced,
in between the evidence of the actions
and the resonance of these actions;

it uses space, time, thoughts and feelings as zones where communication can occur.

Certain information can be expressed, can be captured in the objects
and the tangibility of movements
and certain other information, can only be housed in between the elements.

How It Is Made allows these two areas to both have power
and give expression to a whole range of feelings, considerations and human states.

How It Is Made presents the statement 'how it is made' as both assertion and question.

And the question is not simply one of demonstrating the mechanical technology of construction
but also the hidden connectors which hold a series of elements together as a group which 'makes' something.

How It Is Made

a door
a war
a loss
an imagined place
a joke
and the present.    

............................ a note about the place from which it is made ........................


this piece is made from somewhere
a place, a state, a mind
a body direction and locus
a resource
and all of these are specific,
particular to 'HOW IT IS MADE'
that's what gives the piece its own character and identity.

and i go there again and again
and it manifests differently
but each time
it is essentially from that same place; not a line or a theme
so much as a locus radiating its nature;


and every time to go there
it is not just to make from there,
but simply to be there
to spend time there
to spend performing time there,

to be doing this in the company of audience
and to document what is happening each time
from this same place, creating from there

documenting in dance and sounds and words and text
it is a compassion and empathy for this place

that's why i need and like to go there
again and again;

and this place is so strong
that i cannot say if it is 'i' or the place
which is talking more and more
i go there more and more



and make from this emptiness
and it is in this state that the piece is made.

And sometimes it all comes out and i can handle it all
marshalling it into some kind of language

and sometimes i can't control this stuff ...............
i seem to get the horse out of the stable and into the yard
but when it smells the open fields, trot canters to gallop
and there's nought to be done except hang on...
and deal with the hoof prints of bad spelling later on
................. but either way,

this is HOW IT IS MADE.  

jh july 2008



a door
a war
a loss
an imagined place
future a joke
and the present  

HOW IT IS MADE    has been performed in France / Holland / Belgium / Germany / Italy / Switzerland / Greece, Poland and the USA since its premiére in autumn 2007