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Cell is a physical and verbal 'poem'
upon incarceration - brought upon by others or chosen for oneself.

In the space of a theatre, the soloist watched by the public, is indeed in a type of 'cell '.
Both the observed and the observers, are aware that they are being perceived by the other.

This inherent context frames Hamilton's highly original solo of dance, live text and light. Hamilton has been including his own texts in performance since the late 1970's and
they have formed a central part of his solos for the last 10 years.

He is constantly intertwining the words and the body's physicality
so they complement and enrich one another. Spoken text always involves the body
and in his work this relationship is constantly under the spotlight.

Words originate from the body's actions and movements are inspired through the words.
'CELL' exposes his radical use of phrasing, words or movements supplanting each other to produce
further layers of meaning,
sometimes bold, simple and obvious,
sometimes transforming perceptions to another level of logic.

The text in 'CELL' is both a poetic monologue and an imagined conversation
between himself and absent others.

The timing and intensity of the movement underscores the power of the words,
questioning it, deconstructing it, enforcing it and adding emotional impact.

CELL has been presented in the Spain, Holland, Israel, France, Belgium, England
Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Greece, Russia and the USA.

It has been performed in highly different venues ranging
from large 'Italian' theatres to concrete underground garages.

Part of Hamilton's interest in this piece is to transform and engage
the nature of different spaces to create different 'cells'.


paris '06


CELL text from the performance in Ljubljana,  Slovenia

Beautiful bastard - yes!

Thought you were moving, thought you were thinking,
thought you were... knew you were...
thought you were
mostly dead now
save save save save
many many many many many many years - here.
I save the years here
I take a year and I go 1
and I go hunyuarhunu re ..
and after another I go (what ever i did) 2
and then I go 3
and then after another 7 .... of course.

10 years
'No entra ara' later.

Every morning for ten minutes - keeps me very fit.

No dogs here, we're not allowed to have dogs,
of course I keep the dogs hidden.
Dogs - hide!
They are well trained dogs, they have studied the art in invisibility
they have succeeded, with canine perseverance, to arrive completely...
not present at all, so it seems.

So it seems and another year goes titanic down
hard beat beat beat
up north as flow flow flow like shit which is all all all one seems to do daily
daily 1 and 365 goes and patience, cross your legs, feeding feed feed
feed feed feed feed feed feed the dogs.

I got news that Albert was coming but he's not here yet
and Albert is very important.
Stand up - and Albert remains important over the years
shoot shoot shoot
Albert remains important you understand

I'll be back in a bit.

As I said and I try never to break my promises to myself,
I'll be back in a bit

I notice the symmetry I notice the inevitability of symmetry
at times, more than others.
and I say why this preoccupation with the said symmetry
why not take a break from moving so much
and then another symmetry supposes itself,
another week on week
another year on year
forget month
week on week
year on year
months went out long time ago.

Monsieur il m'avait dit , monsieur le clé, merci.
This is not the place for food - food comes there.
Its changed - food has changed.
fucking triangle
okay okay, you got me, you got me, Pythagorus
you got me where you want me
but you know I've studied 'door removal' and I'm going for it
I just walk through the door
walk through the door

I often sit here when I'm lonely 'cos here there's an echo
and I hear myself listening to myself having just said what I just said;
and the echo lasts just long enough not to have to think of a reply
and that cures loneliness like a biscuit in the coffee ...
.. ah, we haven't had coffee for years
I long, I long, long for a coffee
(oh 'no entra' okay)
I long for a coffee
I long Iloonghilonghilonhilongilong
Cut - later - trap door 'Hell' Jesus Jesus Hell Jesus Hell
pump it up you mother, pump it up, you're doing fine,
you got a beautiful .......... beauty about you.

Here - its that triangle again.
a petty thief,
a day stolen, here,
a feeling stolen, there
a backbone shifted out, melted, there
another body above me going ' now now now now now now'
and me going 'yes yes yes yes yes yes' and then complaining, 'you're so rhythmic.'

Without a wall, loneliness would be intolerable.

Of course I sometimes ... heavy ... of course I sometimes think
but escape to where?
I mean who who who who how who who who..
horizontal tree - I'm going to make a tree-house sideways
climbing is out of the question,
sorry dogs.

When I first came here they gave me an apple
and I said 'fuck your stories, I'm going to eat it!'
They gave me an apple and they said you have to eat the apple, all three of you
and I went 'cool it with the triangle'

aaah sometimes things just melt into the right place in the mouth
the right place in the mind
the right place in the stomach
the right place in your history
the right place in your vision
the right place in your memory
the right place ... around you
the right place where you are going to be going to the right place, please.

Well if the dogs have studied invisibility, the shoes certainly have studied....patience.
Patience is a shoe without a foot.
Pretty - its a non-reversible chair
give me a chance - thank you

two young girls
in identical dresses
waiting for virginity to leave.

10 minutes
I do 10 minutes a day
and then I sit down in a chair
there's no chair - I'm never going to use you again,
you let me down and in this situation I am hyper-sensitive
and plus I've got nothing to lose
thank you.

Mental health is the
mental health is the art, place for art,
mental health, of course, is the only breakfast food,
once the illusion illusion illusion illusion illusion illusion illusion illusion..
illusion of freedom is gone.

10 minutes a day - one day I'll fly.

The dogs are warm
the wildness of nature burns underneath everything
the impossible intractability of youth boils and steams
like a sweaty sock,
like a night pushing into dawn
like a broth from la mama
like a coffee not to be remembered so easily after all these years
The wildness of nature burns underneath,
burgeons, spills out, spews, shits and warms the back
like an austrian tiled water heater.

Albert, now is your moment - you're so welcome,
how ever old you're grown
how ever old and grown into dead, you've grown
and however remaining dead you've become - you are still welcome.
and .... (sound of wood breaking) .... nothing to do with me
somebody else,
somebody else who was here before me,
somebody else who is going to be here after me
nothing to do with me, a total disclaimer, not I
not I and Mr Beckett replied, 'not I'.

Off the ice-berg into the perfect moment,
splitting into the perfect degree
splitting into the Eros of geometry
splitting the head and dividing 'sanity' and 'insanity'
like two twin sisters, waiting in identical clothes
for virginity to pass.

When you're alone, theres no point in ......
when you're alone, there's no point in .... a lot of things.

Three times wonderful.

The boat....the boat, the water, the ocean
the mountain
the hole in the mountain
the cave,
the cave in the heart
on the boat in the ocean near the mountain...
.......I'll read you later
Now, stand up, thank you.

No bastard.
No beauty
everything's behind me now
everything's forgotten - Lie ... more and more things
are remembered.

Albert said ' okay I didn't know but I accept.'
It's so easy to fall in love with a man,
the smallest sign
the smallest whinny
the smallest dance of the mind
the smallest heart-felt conclusion
the smallest door opening to compassion.
Thank you Albert. You can keep dead - we know.


Sort it out between yourselves.


I'm going to sleep like a horse
I've given up heaven
I've given up hell
I've given up coffee
I've given up ... I've even given up patience
and after I met Albert, not needed now
after I met Albert I even gave up, hope.

Aaaah bastard! you're sleeping - good for you.

No food still no food
I've been working and still no food
I've been passing hours, passing minutes,
passing, forget months, passing years and still no food.
As it happens I'm not hungry.
Much better.

Its umm ... there's a leak here and it's been raining, so
you're going to need a bridge.

I always loved insects.

So very Indonesian.

Death is the only answer.
A short swift punch to the rabbit
a short kiss with a bite to the epiglottis
a delicate thrust ... in, round the backbone and out again
and the softness of the spine says, 'yes yes yes yes yes.'

I wanted a blue one and a red one and a white one
and they gave me only a black one,
Monsieur said, monsieur said (slam slam slam) none of those things;
but after all of those things happened,

Monsieur said, 'You are welcome,
my child.
Don't forget your 10 minutes a day.'


Oh happiness
oh patience
Just imagine............
Brightness, like a farmer whistling
floor, like an earth, upset
bed, like a dream ....
Jesus, you've never done that to me before,
you always had respect.


And you , Martha, what would you do?
Sitting there, smug, like a bourgeois pug,
sitting there with your clergyman's grin all the way down . .
(oh, its wet) all the way down to your frock
at least he's got the guts to have a ridiculous hat,
that's where he keeps his dogs,
every man needs to keeps his dogs somewhere.

The dogs fly,
bye and bye
and I ask why
and they reason and sigh
and say we fly - you wanted - we could!


Normally they give me a very small space;
they give me really, you know a 3 by 2 by 1 by hardly anything at all
and although one finds always exactly the right etcetera,
one is always thinking maybe a little bit more to the left,
maybe a little bit broader in the fold
maybe a little bit deeper in the (talk to you later)
maybe a little bit deeper in the plagiarism
maybe a bit .... beautiful!

Me! Me in beauty! Oh my god!.
Beauty and me, standing face to face.
Touchable and not touchable.
To touch and ... then to escape.

Hesse Hesse Hesse! I knew you'd come back someday, you shit-cake.
You think you can walk off, in the mountains, walk off, write those books
never to return.
I knew you'd be back, sir, I knew you'd be ... (oh heavy) .... I knew you'd be back.

It's a mask,
I love you dearly.
I would let you into anywhere I was, anywhere at all.
You knew Albert?
I'll introduce you, you're both dead, it's easy. One moment,
its like the walk but sometimes quicker.

Just get the poetry out of the way.
Mature on your own.


Later is now.
And if we wait it'll be then.

I used to have a cat
they allowed cats and I was thinking one day
that a cat without a name
is like a tiger without teeth
I kept the cat without a name for a long time,
fearing being bitten
and one day I went, 'no, the cat must have a name'

so I laid the cat down on the floor
and I said, 'pussy - your name's coming.'
I said 'your name is going to be Socrates.'
And she gave me a look that totally disarmed me
..... for a whole year.


Morning - time to work.
Drought, no bridge needed. Good enough.

I spend a lot of time, just like this.
Listening, not listening
listening, not listening
and then I do a wild dance all about the place,
you'd love it if you saw it.......
dextrous, ineffable, musical, flagrant,
tasty, erotic, throbbing!
But I never do it unless I'm alone.
Thank you.

For a second I considered escape, thank you.

Sorry I just can't take you anymore.
One thing this place has is a sense of mystery.
I waited 30 years for that;
its been lying in the corner in the right place for the dust,
in the right place for the thoughts in the air to fold down upon it
in the right place to be not touched yet.
And again not touched yet,
lest the touching might bite you like a named cat.


Ten years.
Sleep well, poetry.
Sleep well.
night's going down (ridiculous)
day's going down, nights coming up.
Sleep well. You'll be fine here.
Dream as you must.
Have the guts to shake the psyche,
have the teeth to bite the tiger,
have the perfect moves to attack the neighbour.

I am caught
I chose to be caught
I am caught
I chose to be caught
I am caught
I chose to be caught
I am caught
I chose to be caught
I am caught
I chose to be caught
I am caught
I chose to be caught.

I see you
I always see you
I see you from afar
I see when you're close
I see you if you're going to die
I see you and it's my pleasure to see you
it's like food, seeing you,
a day seeing you,
is like 24 hours of eternity.


I'm going to walk around the world.

Don't look back!
Memories do that much better.

©julyen hamilton

Created and spoken     
during the performance of
at Goli Oder Festival    
in Ljubjana, Slovenia 

The photos on this page are from the performance in the