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CELL has been presented in the Spain, Holland, Israel, France, Belgium, England Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Greece, Russia and the USA.
It has been performed in highly different venues ranging from large 'Italian' theatres to concrete underground garages.
Part of Hamilton's interest in this piece is to transform and engage the nature of different spaces to create different 'cells'.

« When I first came here, they said
One last request
Strange! They usually only say that at the last moment, before... The last moment
One, one, ten, one, last request
I said, if I’m going to stay here a long time,
A long time when unimportant things have become very important, I have to do one thing.
If you will permit me,
I always said it was best to talk politely to my captors – bastards Your out of it, I expect you understand
Out of the only knife I had left at that time
Which was hypocracy
Ah! I knew it would come in handy.
One last... request – What would you have done ?
Not you of course, but you.
Oh, Hypothetical. Oh, hypo– Oh! pathetical hyper - you.
One last requet, so I said good, fine, let me build a floor.
What for, a floor ? they said.
I said, any sort of floor. They said, And...
In 25 years, it was the only time I heard them say, And...
So I took all the books of poetry and put them under the floor. »

Extrait de Cell, Barcelona, 2004

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VIDEO: dvd at Bluedog Publishing